The Kathy Stobart Band 1951:



Dill Jones (Piano);

Len Harrison (Bass);

Bert Courtley (Trumpet); Pete King (Tenor Sax).



Kathy Stobart (Tenor, Baritone, Soprano Sax).



Freddie Syer (Alto Sax); Alex Leslie (Baritone Sax); Frankyln Boyd (Vocalist); Derek Humble (Alto Sax); Pete Bray (drums).

Kath on a solo tour of Scandanavia around 1948


Possibly in Sweden, her mum, Jessie, to her left, went with her for company!

Kath received help from various organisations during the latter stage of her life for which we are very grateful.


Particular thanks go to:

Supporting Songwriters

and Composers in Need

Art Thompson Band 1943:


Far left:

Art Thompson


Far right:

Kathy Stobart


Remainder of band not known.

Don Rico Ladies Swing Band.



Kathy, probably just turned 15, started out as a singer, impressionist, tap-dancer and sax player